Oval Engineering


OVAL Engineering provides a high class, end-to-end service for clients seeking services within the renewable/clean technology markets.


Oval Engineering is a professional designer and manufacturer supply the solutions
of solar mounting systems as per your requirement

Offgrid Solutions
For your total grid independence need, we provide smart battery backup or hybrid i.e. generator backup offgrid solar solutions.

Solar cuboid
Pre-assembled and tested and available in 20KW and 50KW options, our solar cuboid fits your commercial off grid needs.

Solar Light Tower
Charged by the sun during the day and powered by batteries at night, without need of any external power supply.

Solar water Pumping
One of the most practical application for solar energy, Solar water pumping is efficient, reliable and require no fuel to meet your water demands. .....

Residential & Commercial Ongrid
Suited for any household, or business that is looking to reduce energy costs using an efficient and clean energy system........

WHY Oval Engineering SERVICES?

Here are 4 reasons why you should choose us to build your Solar technologies can harness this energy for a variety of uses, including generating electricity, providing light or a comfortable interior

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Projects Completed

Project: Supply & Installation of Solar Off-Grid system with Back-up power for traffic light

Client: Private – Juweira Hotel Salalah Project: Supply and installation of solar water heating system

Project: Design and installation of Dhofar’s first on grid.

Client: Port Of Salalah Solar power carport System of 30 KW to feed the Operation Building at POS.

Client: Private – AT SHASAR
Project: Supply and installation of 50KW Hybrid System at Shasar


Oval Engineering offers a complete line of solar services with innovation at the center of each activity.


Solar Small Scale Wind Lightning

Full Turnkey solutions for renewable energy i.e. Residential, Commercial and utility scale applications.


Residential Commercial Utility & Lightning

Fully detailed engineering design of RE systems for Residential, Commercial and Utility scale applications.


Procurement Engineering Construction

We will be the one responsible for procuring all equipment and materials necessary for the project. Furthermore, our team will carry out the project budget management for you.

Long Term O&M

System Monitoring Maintenance Managed Services

After installation and commissioning of the system, with our established partnerships with major vendors, We maximize your long term investment for the life-cycle of up to +25 years.


Our energy solutions and complete range of products, provided from our partners include a wide variety of internal components and hardware that comply with global industry standards. This ensures safe installations and promotes optimal practices.